Ridge has plans for Quinn CBS BB
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Quinn wants Carter to keep another secret.

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge has had enough of Quinn making a fool of his father. Read on and watch the teaser to learn who he turns to for help!

Realizing how Carter and Quinn feel about one another, as well as the fact that he can’t fulfill Quinn’s passions, Eric urged Quinn to explore other options. Just because his sex life was over didn’t have to mean hers was too. Quinn tried to resist, and both she and Carter agreed it would be wrong. However, the two still found themselves drawn to one another and gave into temptations.

In the latest preview, Quinn tells Carter what they’re doing feels wrong, and she wants to hide the truth from everyone! That’s pretty much what got them into trouble in the first place, along with the fact they were cheating behind Eric’s back. Obviously, things have changed.

Determined to protect his father, Ridge turns to Justin and asks him to investigate every corner of Quinn’s life. He feels she’s made a fool of Eric long enough. But are there any secrets left for Justin to find, well, aside from the current situation? And how will Ridge react when he learns Eric was the one who gave Quinn his permission to be with Carter?

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