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Why didn’t we think of it sooner?

Recently, floated the idea of a redemption arc for Bold & Beautiful ne’er-do-well Deacon Sharpe (since the ship done sailed where redemption for Sheila Carter is concerned!). In the plot we hatched, Hope’s father would return to L.A. intent on making amends — or at least not further harming those that he had in the past. As he started anew, he’d endeavor to steer long-lost son Little D (no longer quite so little) away from the same dead end he once barreled down and, in the process, attract the attention of Shauna and Donna.

But really, the singleton we should have thought of for Deacon was Katie. Heaven knows she could use something to do besides invite herself over to Eric’s to trash-talk his wife! (You can read our thoughts on that turn of events here.) But we digress…

As Deacon gently rejected Donna and Shauna’s advances, insisting that his sole goal was making up for lost time with his son, he’d catch the eye of Katie, who for years has heard on-again/off-again husband Bill insist that he’d changed when, let’s be real, he hadn’t. But in Deacon, she’d see a man who not only talked the talk but walked the walk.

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Above: “You look good in a halo, Deacon. It takes some getting used to, but… ”

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In the Friend Zone

At first, Katie offers only friendship to Deacon. Perhaps, she suggests, she can be a go-between for him and Little D? But as her motivation for hanging around becomes clearer and clearer, even Donna and Shauna are like, “Just tell him you like him already. Anybody can see he likes you, too.”

When finally, Katie works up the nerve to admit that she’d like to be more than pals with Deacon, he says that he wants to do her a favor — by keeping her in the friend zone. “Ask Brooke,” he tells her. “Ask Bridget. Hell, ask anybody. I’ve done things that are so bad, I couldn’t live ’em down if I lived to be a thousand.”

“That doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have love in your life,” she counters. “You’ve changed. Let your life change, too.”

“You deserve better than I’ll ever be, Katie,” he insists. “Go find it — and know that a part of my heart will always belong to you, my sweet, sweet… friend.”

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deacon katie Sean Kanan,Heather Tom"The Bold and the Beautiful" SetCBS Television CityLos Angeles, Ca.05/22/14© sean smith/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 6874U.S.Airdate 07/23/14

Above: “Uh, yeah… actually, you are interrupting, Bill.”

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Now or Never

Katie does her best to respect Deacon’s wishes and, as she tends to, gravitates back toward Bill. But as word spreads of her admission and Deacon’s reaction, even Brooke and Hope — impressed by his efforts to walk the straight and narrow — plead with him to give Katie, give love, give life a shot. “You’re not perfect,” Hope tells her father. “You never will be. But you learn from your mistakes.”

“Awfully slowly,” he notes ruefully. 

“But you do,” Hope insists. “Eventually. And that’s more than Katie can say for Bill.”

That, Deacon can’t argue with. Only when he runs to Katie to reveal that if she’s still willing to give him a chance, he’s willing to give them a chance, he finds her packing: She’s eloping with Bill that very night. “He loves me,” she shrugs, “in his way… as much as he can.”

“Don’t go,” Deacon whispers. “I didn’t think I was good enough for you — and for once, I was right. But I’m willing to try to be. I want to be.

“Would you let me love you,” he continues, “in my way as much as I can?”

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Tears streaming down her cheeks, an overjoyed Katie rushes into his arms, and for the first time, they kiss — just as Bill walks in to drive himself and his ex to the airport. Cue… the… fireworks! What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Wouldn’t a Bill/Katie/Deacon triangle be something else! On your way to the comments, stop off at the photo gallery below; it runs through Katie’s life and loves up to today.