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The story’s actually as sweet as the photo.

Though, as Don Diamont noted on September 12, “it was a beautiful night in Malibu to celebrate [son] Sasha’s 30th birthday,” the actor couldn’t help but be a little bit, “Whaaattt!!!” owing to the shock of… well, the march of time. Even when you know that days are turning into weeks and months and years, it can still be a surprise how they all add up!

“We love you, Little Chip,” continued the Bold & Beautiful leading man in the caption to photos from the party (including wife Cindy Ambuehl, lovely as ever). “Little Chip as pictured down in the right corner” as a wee one.

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Care to explain how on earth Sasha came to be known as Little Chip, Don? “When I would pick him up from preschool, he would always ask if we could stop at the hotdog vendor and get ‘little chips’ [potato chips],” Dad said. “So I started calling him Little Chip. There’s a fun family fact for you guys.”

Of course, times have changed as much as Sasha. He was “asking for a bag of chips one second,” laughed Bill’s portrayer, “and the next thing you know asking to go to Nobu Malibu. How’s that for… time flies? Not to mention inflation.”


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