Eric makes a declaration BB
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The temptation may prove too much to resist!

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Carter and Quinn may find their relationship taking an unexpected turn… with a shocking assist from Eric!

The past few weeks have seen Quinn struggling to deal with the very complicated feelings she has for two different men. There’s the husband she loves with all her heart… and the lover for whom she fell when her marriage hit the rocks. Although Eric took Quinn back into his heart, he’s proven unable to satisfy her thanks to an erectile dysfunction issue. Meanwhile, Quinn has devoted herself fully to Eric despite lingering feelings for Carter.

But as shown in this week’s video preview, things may not be as over between Carter and Quinn as it first seemed… especially given that Eric seems poised to push them back into one another’s arms. Last week, Eric came right out and told his wife that just because his sex life seemed to be a thing of the past, that didn’t mean hers should be.

The shocked look on Quinn’s face made it clear that she understood exactly what Eric was proposing. And in the above preview, Quinn reiterates her commitment to Eric even as she and Carter acknowledge that they still have feelings for one another.

Will Quinn and Carter give in to temptation, or will she remain faithful to Eric (and hope that his intimacy issues ultimately will prove to be temporary)? When when Wyatt seemingly stumbles upon a close moment between his mom and Carter, will he piece together exactly what’s going on?

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