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Oh boy, can you imagine Brooke’s reaction to this arrangement?!

With Bold & Beautiful’s poor Eric in a quandary about how to fulfill Quinn whilst suffering from erectile dysfunction and — even worse — hearing all about how passionate her affair with Carter was when they were apart, could Eric end up proposing a solution that may be something of a first in daytime drama?

We don’t mean letting Quinn go and urging her to be with Carter — after all, that’s been done, most recently when Hope, distraught over the supposed loss of her baby, pushed Liam to live with Steffy. Instead, we’re thinking of an arrangement of some sort wherein Quinn didn’t have to give up her sex life, but could still stay with her husband.

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Why would Eric do that? Well, her devotion to him for one. He did hear her tell Shauna that she was willing to give up that side of herself in order to be with him if it came to that — she loves him that much! Factor in Eric’s respect for Carter, and you might have the makings of Bold & Beautiful’s, and perhaps daytime’s, first polyamorous relationship.

By definition, polyamory is being involved in the practice of engaging in multiple romantic (and typically sexual) relationships, with the consent of all the people involved. So… if Eric proposes that he and Quinn ask Carter to move into the Forrester mansion to keep her sexual appetite sated while Quinn and Eric remain in a married relationship, and they all decide to start a new chapter together… that would definitely be a twist. In fact, it may be the twist teased in Soap Opera Digest’s Fall preview which alludes to an upcoming story for Quinn, Eric and Carter that could “raise a lot of eyebrows,” and which will be “controversial.”

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It goes without saying that many characters have shared many partners on Bold & Beautiful, but not quite in this way. Can you imagine Eric proposing this arrangement? Or Carter and Quinn agreeing to it? More importantly, can you picture Ridge and Brooke’s reaction?! Now, that would be must-see TV!

Hit the comments with your thoughts on our scandalous proposal, then check out the gallery below in which we look at some of daytime’s most shocking twists to see how they stack up against what we’ve suggested!

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