Bold beautiful liam cheats promo basketball cbs
Credit: CBS screenshot (2)

Liam’s dream turns into a nightmare thanks to one bad move.

Since being released from jail following the unfortunate Poor, Dead Vinny incidentThe Bold and the Beautiful‘s Liam has mostly kept himself occupied by catching up on lost time with his wife and kids. But the lives of soap characters can go from blissful to melodramatic on a dime, so he probably shouldn’t have been surprised when a clearly distressed Hope stormed in, eyes shooting daggers as she demanded, “How could you?”

Liam was momentarily flustered… as, we suspect, were viewers caught off guard by the promo. “You made promises you couldn’t keep,” emoted Hope as Liam, seemingly hoisted on his own petard, stuttered, “I just didn’t know it would play out this way!”

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What the what? Had we somehow missed an episode in which the oft-waffling hero provided ex-wife Steffy a little too much comfort in the wake of Sheila crashing her wedding reception? Nah. Instead, this was another of the brilliant “fall preview” ads from CBS. Not from the daytime division, as one might expect, but CBS Sports.

What better way to capture the attention of soap and sports fans alike than by combining the two in a humorous promo using two of Bold & Beautiful‘s most popular characters playing out a scene that, with a few tweaks, could easily have unfolded on the show? And based on the comments, the fun spots were definitely a hit.

CBS aired a similar promo during March Madness. That time around, Hope accused Liam of cheating… by copying her Final Four brackets. That ad — which left us both laughing and craving nachos — can be seen below.

Now that we’ve had a little fun and are, perhaps, in a betting mood, check out the gallery below in which we speculate as to who might do away with bad girl Sheila Carter in the days ahead.