Don Diamont, Cindy Ambuehl B&B
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

By the end of the couple’s Instagram video, he has it back, though — big time.

Don Diamont may spend his workdays playing drama. But in his off time, he’s as funny as any sitcom star. Just look, for example, at the video that he and realtor wife Cindy Ambuehl recently shared to Instagram.

The Bold & Beautiful leading man captions the clip thusly: “As you guys know, I have two alter egos: Dollar Bill aaand… wait for it… Cindy’s The Sign Bitch” — in other words, the guy who puts up For Sale signs on the lawns of her listings.

“They’re very different” personalities, Diamont adds. “Or are they?”

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Then, when you press PLAY on the video, you see the actor delightedly watching Martha Stewart on TV with his dog, Ezey. “She’s showing how to set the table for an end-of-summer clambake!” he tells Ambuehl. The missus wants him to put up some signs, but he’s thoroughly engrossed by the show. “Oh,” he exclaims, “I love those place mats!”

Finally, Ambuehl has had enough. She calls out her better half for having begun to take his job as The Sign Bitch lightly. “You’ve lost your competitive edge,” she says.


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With that, a spark is relit in Diamont. He takes the challenge and runs with it. To see how, check out the couple’s hilarious video above. Then click on the photo gallery below to see photos of more Bold & Beautiful stars and their real-life loves.