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“Leave my nephew alone.”

Get ready fans because you are about to learn — drum roll, please — how to apply proper body makeup “on some of daytime’s hottest hotties!” Yes, you heard correctly, and The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) is going to be the one to teach you.

The actress shared a post on Instagram, holding a makeup brush, and dedicated the video to “Auntie” before asking one of the CBS soap’s artists, Chris, to “show me what I need to do.” Ask and you shall receive! Chris took the brush from Brown and the camera then panned to a very buff chest that Bold & Beautiful fans will be sure to recognize, given his recent steamy onscreen scenes. Yep, that’s Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) as the model.

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As Chris explained the process, which Brown captioned in the video, “Makeup tip number one… How to make that hunk look even hunky’er with contouring,” Saint-Victor couldn’t contain his smile as Brown followed Chris’ instructions by tracing her finger along his chest.

“Auntie, are you seeing this? I’m just saying… Sheila has just laid hands on your boy,” Brown teased then began moving the brush from side-to-side on his chest, down his stomach and along his abs. Saint-Victor then looked into the camera and giggled that the woman Brown was talking to “is probably like, leave my nephew alone.” Wrapping up the session, Brown insisted, “Sheila is not a bad person. I keep trying to tell people that.”

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It’s no secret that many would disagree with Brown’s description of Sheila, and given that the character was recently caught holding Finn and Steffy’s child, grandson or not, it’s only a matter of time before the soap has a murder mystery on its hands — and we invite you to view a list of suspects in our photo gallery below.

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