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Everything’s relative where Brooke and her clan are concerned.

The saying “You can’t choose your family” could have been coined for the Logans of The Bold and the Beautiful. Though oldest sister Brooke and her kinfolk dearly love one another, there can be no doubt of that, man, do they also give one another headaches.

Heartaches, too. So. Many. Heartaches.

They can occasionally confound the audience, too, not just with their actions (“Bill… again, Brooke?”) but with their ties to one another. Branches of family trees don’t get a whole lot more gnarled and tangled than the ones that connect, say, “Felony Flo” to Jack Marone.

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“Who’s Jack?” you ask. Yep, you’re going to like the below photo gallery. It’s not only going to answer questions like that, that you may not even have realized you had, but serve up reminders of who’s related to whom and how.

Who knows? It might even give the show ideas, for the next time that the powers that be want to beef up the cast with a blast from the past. For instance, Donna’s son, Marcus Walton, has been gone for an awfully long time, right? And if his marriage went the way of most Logans’, he could return to become a great rival for Thomas and Zende Forrester, both at work and on the romantic front.

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But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, take a look at our expansive Logan family album below, then hit the comments if you think any of its MIA characters are overdue for a comeback.