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Sheila Carter’s days may be numbered.

If you or we were The Bold and the Beautiful villainess Sheila Carter, we’d have steered very clear of Los Angeles and the many, many people there that we’d wronged. (And that’s not even counting the ones that we… er, she tried to kill.) But the soap-hopping psychopath plays by her own rules, the kind that only make sense when one doesn’t just have a screw loose but all of their screws loose. So the she-devil resurfaced in the City of Angels to (cough) bond with her newly revealed son and grandson, in the process adding to her mile-long list of enemies.

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Now, if we were betting folks — and you bet we are — we’d wager that the soap is setting up a “Who killed Sheila?” storyline and planning to at last deliver the murder mystery that we were told Vinny’s death was going to be (but most definitely wasn’t). That wouldn’t mean, of course, that the show couldn’t dig up and dust off its version of Freddy Krueger anytime it wanted to in the future; Sheila’s already died and come back with such regularity, she could be a boomerang. It would just mean that we’d be getting treated to a classic soap murder mystery, one in which just about the entire canvas had a reason to want to see the deceased modeling the latest in toe tags.

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In anticipation of the killer twist that we suspect is coming, we’ve compiled a list of all of the characters who, as of this writing, would be tempted to dance on Sheila’s grave.

Take a look at our guide to the potential suspects in the below photo gallery.