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Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

One line of casually-spoken dialogue indicated the end is near for Steffy and Finn!

If you weren’t paying attention, you may well have missed it. Maybe you were only half-watching the August 23rd episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Or maybe you were watching but found yourself distracted by the gorgeousness of Steffy and Finn lounging in bed.

For some viewers, however, their ears perked up when Steffy commented on how hectic their life had been thanks in large part to Sheila’s unexpected appearance at their wedding reception. “We haven’t even gone to the courthouse to file our marriage certificate,” she said with a heavy sigh.

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Which means… Steffy and Finn aren’t legally married. And thanks to this week’s preview, we know that Finn is about to betray his wife by doing the one thing she has repeatedly begged that he not… spend time with Sheila.

finn and steffy in bedroom wearing red nightie bb

Either Finn didn’t brush his teeth or Steffy just found out about the heart emoji he sent his mom.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Steffy’s request is not one made lightly, given the horrific litany of sins Sheila has committed against her family over the years. So it’s easy to imagine that in light of what can only be seen as Finn’s betrayal, Steffy will be furious with him… and perhaps decide against filing the documents which will make their marriage official!

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This is not exactly unfamiliar territory for The Bold and the Beautiful. There have been several plots over the years which revolved around paperwork not being signed or properly filed. For example, in 2019, Nicole — who had agreed to serve as a surrogate for Maya and Rick — discovered a glitch which would have allowed her to keep the child. (Ultimately, she did hand over little Lizzie.) And in 2020, Ridge and Shauna’s marriage ended after it was discovered that she’d fraudulently instructed Carter to file the papers finalizing his divorce from Brooke.

Could Steffy and Finn’s marriage really be over before it legally gets started? What do you think, Sinn fans? After sounding off in the comments, check out the gallery below in which we serve up a reminder as to exactly what Sheila’s done in the past to earn the scorn of her new daughter-in-law… and pretty much everyone else she’s ever met!