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Does anyone not expect Carter’s lover to develop a sudden craving for pickles and ice cream?

Buckle up, folks, because The Bold and the Beautiful is moving fast at the moment — and for better or worse, we can see a mile away where the next sharp turn will be. In the time it took us to formulate that last sentence, the CBS soap exposed Quinn’s affair with Carter to husband Eric, had him kick her to the curb (and her portrait with her), wrote scenes in which he insisted that no, no, a thousand times no, he could never, ever forgive her… and then a minute later had him forgive her.

We all know where this is going next, right?

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Carter, Quinn kiss goodbye B&B

No sooner will the Forresters put the past behind them than it’ll become a part of their future — by way of a “Quarter” baby. It’s as obvious as the fact that Sheila has no more changed than Pam’s lemon-bar recipe ever will. (Subtle, the show ain’t.) And The Bold and the Beautiful has never shied away from a later-in-life pregnancy. For Pete’s sake, Brooke’s grown daughter Bridget helped deliver half sister Hope. And how old was the original Sally Spectra when she and Clarke Garrison conceived C.J.?

Sally, CJ B&B

Whether Quinn decides to keep it from Carter that the child she’s carrying is his and not Eric’s umpteenth heir, the truth will, as it always does, eventually come out, at which point her husband is sure to reintroduce her to the exterior side of the door. Though by then we imagine Carter will have moved on — perhaps with a new and improved Zoe — the show’s 1950s morality will dictate that he reunite with Quinn to raise the kid together. That, in turn, would set the stage for her to wind up the odd woman out as he finds himself drawn to Zoe (or whoever his subsequent love interest is).

What do you think? Aren’t “Quarter” highly likely to end up having a daughter (Penny perhaps?) or son (Nick, short for Nickel)? On your way to the comments to share your thoughts, stop off at the below photo gallery of some significantly less complicated relationships — the ones between the stars of Bold & Beautiful and their real-life partners.