Steffy Finn fans hot B&B
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Steffy and Finn’s housemate would be sent packing if it was up to these viewers!

Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy and Finn’s newlywed bliss was short-lived — and we mean short — as their happily ever after ground to a halt with the appearance of evil personified, Sheila Carter, who declared herself to be part of the new fam. As if that weren’t enough to deal with, fans of the couple also have to contend with another interloper in the relationship…

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“Sinn” fans are on their last nerve with the constant interruptions of new house mate, Paris, who has viewers grinding their teeth and yelling at their TV sets already — and something tells us she’s just getting started.

Paris has repeatedly walked in on intimate scenes between Finn and Steffy, whether it be them discussing the issue of his birth mother, Sheila, (which then required that Paris be brought up to speed on the situation), or the newlyweds, er, getting busy. While the newlyweds chose a “staycation” in lieu of a honeymoon, some felt that perhaps it was their housemate who should have offered to “get a room” to give them some privacy.

Things went from irritating to, well, much more annoying when Steffy elected to go into the office, while Paris stayed home to go surfing and ended up hanging out in swimsuits with the buff Finn. After admiring his, ahem, skill set, Paris then segued into offering to be the sexy doctor’s confidant rather than encouraging him to talk to, you know, his wife.

Uh oh. We were already worried that Paris would become Steffy’s worst nightmare — and this is exactly how it begins!

While Paris’ presence in “Sinn’s” honeymoon home had their fans fuming, others couldn’t blame the young woman for taking advantage of the opportunity. reader Jeannie35 observed, “As annoying as Paris is, she can’t really be blamed if Steffy and Finn are stupid enough to tell her she can move in and stay as long as she wants. Why wouldn’t she take advantage of that?”

Okay, we guess she has a point — as long as Paris doesn’t take advantage of anything else. But with Paris gushing over Finn and going behind Steffy’s back to invite him to lean on her, the writing seems to be on the wall.

Are “Sinn” fans justified in feeling fed up with Paris? Do you see trouble ahead? Let us know in the comment section. First, take a look through Steffy and Finn’s wedding album in the gallery below.

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