Eric wants Quinn back BB
Credit: CBS screenshot

The soap’s hottest love triangle is about to get juicier.

In a preview for The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of August 16 – 20, Quinn is in for several surprises. Read on for the scoop!

After Carter and Quinn’s affair was exposed, Eric tossed his cheating wife out but gave Carter a second chance at redemption. The catch? He had to swear never to see Quinn again! That was easier said than done, and of course, the two have still been seeing one another in secret.

In this latest preview, Carter makes a commitment to Quinn and wants her in his life, and not as a secret lover. Yes, he wants to go public, which is sure to bring the full force of the Forresters down upon him. Quinn and Carter then exchange those three special words.

However, Quinn’s about to be thrown a curveball. Maybe it was the return of Shiela Carter that got Eric thinking, but he stuns Quinn by declaring he doesn’t want a divorce, and he wants her back as his wife! Of course, if he knew what has been going on between her and Carter he might not have made such a declaration. And you know Ridge and Brooke will have something to say about Eric’s decision.

Tell us in the comments what you think after watching the latest preview. Do you think Quinn will choose Carter or Eric?

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