B&B streams season one of CBS Soap
Credit: Bold & Beautiful/YouTube

Journey back in time when all of the delicious drama began.

Fans are going to be treated to a special streaming presentation of the first season of The Bold and the Beautiful in its entirely! The CBS soap opera shared a promo video for the event and announced that they will be posting an episode from season one each day beginning on Wednesday, September 1, at 9 am Eastern — for your free viewing pleasure — on the show’s official YouTube channel.

Things may be a little crazy in the current storylines, with Shelia back in the mix — as Finn’s mom, no less — but the first season will be packed with plenty of excitement and will be an added bonus for those who never watched back then.

The Bold and the Beautiful premiered on Monday, March 23, 1987, and followed the lives of the Forrester family and its fashion house, as well as its competitors, the Spectras. Oh, the days of old — how fun will it be to revisit the drama that unfolded as the families intermingled through love, romance and bitter rivalries. And don’t forget the Logans and the Spencers and various others who crossed paths during the soap opera’s half-hour run.

You don’t have to wait until next month for a glimpse into the past of the CBS soap’s many trials, tribulations and romances. Take a tour through our massive gallery below filled with photos of Bold & Beautiful throughout the years.

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Video: Bold & Beautiful/YouTube