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You are cordially invited to the soap event of the year!

In case you haven’t heard, daytime’s most notorious troublemaker — Sheila Carter — is about to make a very dramatic return to The Bold and the Beautiful. Given that she’ll make her first appearance at the wedding of Steffy Forrester and John Finnegan (who just happens to be the son she gave up for adoption), we thought this seemed like the kind of party we definitely wanted to attend.

And we’re inviting you to be our plus-one.

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Just thinking about all the trouble she’s going to stir up is giving Sheila a headache!

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Join executive editor Richard Simms as he live-blogs the wedding beginning at 1:30 p.m. ET on Friday, August 6. Whether you’re watching along or surreptitiously keeping up with the action while you’re busy “working” (wink-wink, nudge-nudge), join the fun as we toast to the new bride and groom… even as we’re licking our lips in anticipation of the big drama about to rock their reception!

1:30 p.m.: Everybody ready? Here we go… let’s see if Sheila shows up before the final moment!

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1:32 p.m.: Jack’s staring a hole through that door. He totally expected Sheila to walk in when the officiant asked if anyone objected. But come on, we’re soap fans… we knew it wouldn’t be THAT soon into the episode!

1:33 p.m.: Oh, lord, it’s gonna be one of those scripts. Hope saying Finn’s parents will reveal all his deep dark secrets, he’s too good to be true, etc. Meanwhile, pretty sure Steffy fans are like, “Hope, take a seat! This wedding ain’t about you!”

1:34 p.m.: Personal vows! Ain’t no pre-packaged wedding ceremony for Finn and Steffy. Although when he talks about how she’s “opened him up” with her sense of adventure, I’m not quite sure what he means by that. Far as I know, the most “adventurous” thing they’ve done is take the kids to the zoo.

1:36 p.m.: Finn’s vows were kind of a snooze. Come on, Steffy, bring it home for us. Nope, we’re gonna just read from Finn’s character breakdown, right down to “dad jokes” reference. Sigh. yesterday’s episode was so strong, so filled with great dialogue. Today’s is… flat. Why was Ridge’s speech about having to give away his daughter better than their vows?

Drinking game: Chug every time Jack looks concerned or glances at the door.

1:42: Jack may be freaked by what he fears will happen, but not so freaked he can’t pull the old “Oh, wait, who has the rings?” prank.

1:43: Good news, Finn! Your ring will cover up any remaining scars from the ring tattoo she got when she married Wyatt!

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During this commercial break, let’s discuss: If you were going to get married somewhere in the Bold & Beautiful universe, where would it be? I think I’d go for the bluff overlooking the ocean behind Finn and Steffy’s place.

1:47: “Here’s to better days!” says Hope… and Pam apparently has to hit the road. I mean, where in the world does she have to go as opposed to hanging out and drinking champagne?

1:50: See, Pam, that’s why you never wear a veiled hat like that to an event. You wind up having to carry it around all night. Meanwhile, why is this rando dayplayer getting to talk to Steffy more than people we actually know?

1:51: Not sure how I feel about Thomas’ hair. But the fact is we shouldn’t be so bored that we’re reduced to talking about his hair. Ah, but nice moment with Brooke, Eric and Ridge gazing at Stephanie’s portrait. “I don’t think Stephanie will ever stop watching out for her family.”

1:53: “Having been married a few times myself I wish you a fortitude and forbearance,” says Eric in his toast. “My late wife cared more for family than for anything else in this world.” I love how much a part of this Stephanie is. I miss her (and portrayer Susan Flannery) terribly.

1:55: Wait, Finn is leaving his wedding to check on a patient? How about you step onto the patio???

1:56: “Nothing’s going to ruin this day.” Enter… Sheila, making a last-minute appearance as we knew she would. Imagine if this had actually been a surprise, Sheila stepping out of the shadows and revealing herself. “It’s me, sweetheart… your mother,” with that killer music cue. Honestly, best part of the episode but we all knew it was coming. Why they ruined what could have been one of the biggest moments of the year, I’ll never know… but here we are.

Now that we’ve seen the big moment, why not remind yourself of just how much trouble soap-hopping villainess Sheila has caused by taking a look at the gallery below in which we list her many, many sins!