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A huge twist could right a wrong from the past!

Perhaps the most shocking thing about Sheila’s return is the fact that Bold & Beautiful let the proverbial cat out of the bag prematurely. But perhaps that’s because they know that the real stunner isn’t so much that the iconic bad girl is Finn’s mom… but who will be revealed as his biological father!

Sure, Finn’s dad could be some random guy that we’ve never heard of… but we all know that’s not how soaps work! (Then again, they’re also not supposed to give away their own shocking twists nearly a week in advance, so in this case, who knows?) Assuming that Sheila’s got an ace up her sleeve, the big question is who’s face will we see when the supposedly-reformed she-devil plays the daddy card?

There are, of course, several options in Sheila’s past who would kinda sorta make sense. For example, she and first husband Scott Grainger did have a son, who was stillborn. It was that child’s death which led her to buy a baby and swap it with Lauren Fenmore’s child, setting in motion the chain of events which would both earn Sheila a place in the Soap Psychos Hall of Fame and lead to her fleeing The Young and the Restless’ Genoa City for The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Los Angeles. How ironic would it be if that child hadn’t actually died?

That theory, however, doesn’t really work with what viewers have been told, which is that Finn was adopted. And given that we know Sheila crashes the wedding, that would seem to indicate she’s known where her child was and has been keeping an eye on him.

Another possibility is that Finn is the heretofore-unknown product of Sheila’s marriage to Eric Forrester. Yes, yes, that would mean her son is marrying his granddaughter, but remember, there is no blood tie between them because Eric is not actually Ridge’s biological father. Sure, it would be a little awkward, but would it really be worse than some of the other borderline-incestuous hookups that this soap thrives on?

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The only problem with that scenario: Why would Sheila have kept silent for so long, given that she had a living, breathing connection to the family she worked so hard to become a part of?

Finn might also be the son of The Young and the Restless baddie Tom Fisher. Longtime viewers of that soap will recall that “Terrible Tom” and Sheila had twins (who were no ray of sunshine themselves), but who’s to say their litter wasn’t actually triplets, with one having been put up for adoption?

Imagine good guy Finn struggling to process the fact that he had that much bad blood coursing through his veins. Would Steffy look at her beau differently, perhaps fearing the darkness lurking just beneath the surface?

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But perhaps the most intriguing prospect of all would be if Finn’s dad turned out to be Massimo Marone. “But wait,” you’re saying. “That would make Steffy and Finn half siblings!” True… unless it was revealed that those long-ago blood tests proving Ridge to be Massimo’s son had been tampered with… perhaps even by Sheila herself!

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Sheila and Massimo’s past could completely rewrite Ridge’s present.

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Remember, the tests “proving” Ridge’s paternity weren’t done until 2001 as opposed to when he was born. And while Sheila was not on the canvas at the time, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have snuck into town. Why? To punish the Forresters in general and ex-husband Eric in particular by taking away something he loved dearly, son Ridge!

Already we know that Sheila supposedly had a daughter — Diana — with the shipping tycoon. Perhaps she actually gave birth to twins, meaning that Finn actually has a sister out there somewhere! (Sure, this would also cast that whole Ridge-kisses-Bridget” thing in a new light, but hey, accidents happen… right?)

So who do you think will turn out to be Finn’s dad? Hit the comments with your theories — or just to tell us how off base you think ours are — and then check out the new photo gallery below in which we shine a spotlight on some of Sheila’s more memorable moments!