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There may be a good reason Finn’s dad kept this news under wraps! 

As secrets go, the fact that The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Finn was adopted isn’t really that big a deal… or at least it wouldn’t be had his father not had that episode-ending moment in which he asked himself, “Do I tell them?” as the ominous music played in the background. And just like that, we remembered one of the basic rules of soaps: No adopted child comes from an innocuous background, meaning it is guaranteed that one or both of Finn’s parents is/are someone we already know.

Let the guessing games begin!

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It seems likely that the parent we should be focused on and potentially concerned about is Finn’s biological mother. Sure, his father could be someone unexpected — maybe baby Hayes was named after not only Taylor’s ex-husband but Finn’s dad via another woman! — but the smart money is on his mom being the reason Jack’s brow was so furrowed.

Clearly, Jack knows that the parent in question is bad news. And as far as the Forrester family is concerned, news probably couldn’t get much worse than learning that Steffy’s new guy is actually the son of nutty, baby-napping nurse-turned-local-waitress Sheila Carter.

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Above: Like other women before (and after) her, Sheila pulled the wool over Eric’s eyes.

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Oh, wait, we just thought of something that would take such a twist to catastrophic levels: What if Sheila’s babydaddy were revealed to be none other than Steffy’s grandfather, Eric, to whom she was at one point married?

Now don’t worry about the whole “incest” issue because remember, Eric and Steffy don’t actually share a blood tie, thanks to the fact that her father, Ridge, was actually the byproduct of Mommie Dearest Stephanie’s affair with Massimo Marone. In fact, if we’re going to speculate wildly — and hang on tight, because we definitely are — what if Massimo actually stole Finn from Sheila, allowing her to believe the baby had died, and gave the tot away to punish Eric for having unwittingly taken Ridge from him for so many years?

Twisted, right? But plausible… in soap opera terms. It would also explain why, if Sheila really is Finn’s mom, she didn’t use him to worm her way back into Eric’s life.

Another scenario which would see Finn sharing a familial tie to a local? If he were Quinn’s son… and possibly even Wyatt’s non-identical twin. Quinn has made several references in recent weeks to the fact that she found ways to survive (and eventually thrive) as a single mom. But what if the only way she was able to do that was by giving — or perhaps even selling — one of her newborn boys?

Not only would this give Bill yet another son he’d known nothing about, but it would mean that Steffy had gotten off the Liam-go-round only to fall for yet another of his brothers!

Clearly, this is a secret that’s going to explode. The only questions are when and who’ll be caught up in the fallout? Hit the comments section with your theories as to who Finn’s biological parents might be, then — since we’re talking about family ties — peruse the newly expanded gallery below featuring some of your favorite daytime stars and their real-life offspring.