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Is anyone not saying, “I do… hope Taylor will be on hand”?

We didn’t get it when The Bold and the Beautiful didn’t bring Taylor back for son Thomas’ brain surgery and its aftermath. We didn’t get it when the show didn’t bring her back for the birth of the grandson that Steffy seemed to inexplicably name after her mom’s unstable first husband. And we for sure won’t get it if she isn’t included in Steffy and Finn’s much-ballyhooed “wedding of the century.”

But, we have reason to hope that Hunter Tylo’s unpredictable shrink will be on hand for the to-do — and not just because we’re always hoping that she’ll wing her way back to L.A. A Bold & Beautiful spoiler for Thursday, Aug. 5, reveals that a mystery woman shows up at the Forrester mansion. And while Taylor is hardly a stranger, she could still make people wonder about her identity — just throw a veiled hat over her familiar face!

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Plus, the spoiler indicates that tensions rise when this mystery woman makes her presence known. And doesn’t that happen anytime that Taylor is within cake-throwing distance of nemesis Brooke? Heck, the blonde only has to sense that her longtime rival has touched down at LAX, and her Spidey senses start tingling!

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Of course, the mystery woman in question could also be Finn’s mother, which would make sense. And we know that she’ll soon be joining husband Jack in the City of Angels. But that doesn’t mean that we’re giving up on the idea of Taylor making a comeback, at very least for this special occasion. To exclude her from the goings-on not only defies logic — why on earth would she reasonably skip Steffy’s wedding? — it robs us of a whole lot of potential drama.

What do you think? Shouldn’t the mother of the bride be on hand? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below gallery of other Bold & Beautiful characters we’d love to see return.