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A familiar face from the past could destroy this couple’s hopes for the future! 

Pretty much everyone on the planet agrees that The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Finn is too good to be true. Heck, even the woman who plays his wife-to-be has her doubts! “This is a soap opera,” laughs Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. “Of course he’s hiding something!”

This week, it appears that will prove to be the case as the soap’s latest video preview — titled “Finn’s Secret” — has the hunk admitting to Steffy that “there’s something I probably should have told you a long time ago.”

Being longtime soap fans, we poked into what we’ve learned about the doctor since first he appeared at Steffy’s bedside for clues as to what he might be hiding. And there it was, in plain sight… a bigger-than-life shocker that would shake Steffy to the core.

You might recall that shortly after soaps resumed production following their extended shutdowns, doing love scenes proved challenging in the age of social-distancing. Before long, the shows figured out some pretty creative ways to get around that problem, at least one of which — actors smooching with mannequins — eventually turned into the jaw-dropping tale in which Thomas fell in love with one that looked exactly like Hope.

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What if the writers are now going to turn to the other technique used to keep romance alive — the real-life significant others of the stars — to throw a wrench into Steffy and Finn’s romance?

Stay with us here: When Bold & Beautiful wanted Steffy and Finn to take things to the next level, they called in what you might call a romance double. Because as it turns out, the real-life wife of Tanner Novlan (Finn) is a woman named Kayla Ewell who just happens to look an awful lot like his on-screen babymama.

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Look quickly, and you just might mistake Ewell for Wood!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Not only that, but Ewell is an actress… who, because life really is a soap, once played Caitlin on the soap her hubby now calls home!

Here’s how we imagine things playing out: Finn’s about-to-arrive dad takes one look at Steffy and has to do a double take. The father and son have several veiled conversations before finally revealing to the audience that a few years back, Finn was involved with a troubled young woman who didn’t take the end of their relationship well.

In fact, after doing the whole “If I can’t have you, nobody will” thing and trying to kill Finn, she wound up in a mental hospital… where she’s been ever since. Oh, and as it turns out, she’s about to be released…

“That would be so cool!” says Wood upon hearing our far-out idea. As far as the fact that Ewell has already played a not-insignificant role on the show? “People die and then come back to life,” Wood points out, “so this wouldn’t really be a big deal!”

What do you think of our zany idea, Bold.& Beautiful fans? Could you see Ewell joining the cast as Finn’s possibly cured, possibly crazy ex to stir up some drama? Share your thoughts in the comments section, then join us in looking back at Steffy and Finn’s road to love… which ironically started with her nearly becoming roadkill!