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B&B Breakdown for the week of November 23!

It was a short week, as the Thanksgiving holiday pre-empted Thursday and Friday’s episodes, but there was still quite a bit of drama to be had.

Farewell Ann

When Ann returned to B&B last week, I wasn’t all that moved, but then Monday hit and I was left in tears. When the episode began, I was a little annoyed with Dr. Lewis for being so harsh with Stephanie concerning Ann’s treatment. I felt she should have put aside her doctor’s ego and had a little more compassion for the fact that her mother was dying. However, she thankfully softened when it was revealed they couldn’t do anything to save her and apparently allowed Stephanie and Pam to take their mother to her favorite spot at Paradise Cove. Cue the waterworks. It was sad, touching and funny as Pam and Stephanie said their goodbyes to a mother they both had tumultuous relationships with, while pondering the thought of being orphans at their age and Ann getting her last dig in at Pam: “Sit up straight.” Logistics aside (I’m not quite sure how Pam and Stephanie carried Ann onto the beach themselves. Maybe they went in an ambulance and the EMTs helped, or they tipped a cab driver extra to carry her?), it was a very moving scene capped off by a shot of a younger, presumably happier, more idealistic Ann walking towards the water on the pier.

Old Friends

Stephanie and Eric’s scenes were so comfortable and endearing to watch as he comforted her after Ann’s death. I’m not sure what direction the writers are sending them in, as Eric and Donna are clearly having problems in their marriage, but I don’t want them to get back together. I prefer them as good friends who have a deep and loving respect for one another. Their portrayers John McCook and Susan Flannery do an excellent job of giving the audience very seamless and real scenes.