Carter and Quinn B&B Kiss
Credit: CBS screenshot

Carter is putting everything on the line for Quinn.

In a preview for The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of July 19 – 23, Quinn warns Carter of the price he could pay for continuing to see her. Read on for the scoop!

After Carter and Quinn’s affair was exposed, Eric tossed Quinn out of his life, the mansion, and Forrester Industries. Eric couldn’t believe Carter betrayed him in such a manner, and Ridge was equally stunned by his best friend’s actions. Brooke wasted no time in putting all the blame on a conniving Quinn and felt Carter deserved a second chance. Eric gave him one, on the condition he stays the heck away from Quinn.

As you can tell by this preview, that’s easier said and done for both Quinn and Carter. However, Quinn knows they have to stop seeing one another because his future is at stake, and she doesn’t want him to become a pariah in the eyes of Eric and Ridge. She already knows how that feels.

Quinn tells Carter that they simply can’t be together anymore, but Carter admits to her that it’s not that easy and he can’t get her out of his head. Will these two be able to keep their distance, or will they decide what they have is risk losing everything and bringing the full wrath of the Forresters down upon them?

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Video: Bold & Beautiful/Instagram