Courtney Hope, Chad Duell B&B
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

We’d caption the picture “Love on the rocks — literally.”

They say that when you’re really, truly head-over-heels in love, it shows. And that certainly seems to be the case for Courtney Hope and fiancé Chad Duell. In every picture they share, they seem to glow from within, as if their hearts are radiating more brightly than those of us who are just in like or, ya know, mildly ambivalent about their significant others.

That said, the image that the couple shared in his-and-hers Instagram posts on July 14 took it to a whole other level. In the shot, which the Young & Restless leading lady titled “The Dream,” she and her honey are perfectly posed atop a rock formation as they enjoy what the General Hospital actor hashtagged beach life. “Love you, handsome,” Hope commented on her boo’s post.

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And we’ll be damned if it doesn’t show, too. The soap stars, who play Sally and Michael on their respective shows, look as contented as can be — as if saying, “Yeah, yeah, the surf and sand is nice, but we’ve got each other.”

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