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And, yes, like the song says, it feels so good.

In a preview for The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of July 12-16, it’s a big week for Hope and Liam. Read on for the scoop!

It’s been a bumpy road for Hope and Liam over the past several months. From Liam assuming Hope cheated on him with Thomas, to Liam actually cheating on Hope with Steffy, and then the whole saga of who was the father of Steffy’s baby… Yeah, it hasn’t been easy for the couple. And just when they began to make their way back together, Liam accidentally hit Vinny on the road late one night, and Bill covered up the accident.

When Liam finally cracked and confessed, he and Bill landed themselves in the slammer. However it wasn’t just an accident, Vinny threw himself in front of Liam in order to commit suicide and frame Liam so that Thomas could be with Hope. However Thomas learned the truth, and when he went to Justin, who was supposed to be Bill and Liam’s friend, Justin turned on him! Justin locked him up and has his own plans to leave Liam and Bill to rot in jail while he took over the company.

Fortunately, Hope found Thomas, locked in a cage in the basement of Spencer Publications, and learned the truth about the accident. As the two raced to stop Liam’s transfer to a more permanent prison, Baker appears forced to release Liam. In the latest promo, Liam is back home and reunited with Hope.

But wait… What happens to Bill? He did knowingly cover up what he thought was a crime. And then there is Justin, who locked Thomas up and planned to let Bill and Liam go down for a murder that wasn’t a murder. You’ll have to tune in to Bold & Beautiful to find out what happens next!

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