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“Bill will never give up on Katie. How can he?”

While The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Liam didn’t mean to run down Vinny, Bill had every intention of covering up the crime in order to protect his son. And were he able to go back in time, he’d likely do the same thing again… and while that may be inexplicable to some viewers, Don Diamont understands exactly what drives his alter ego.

“Bill has changed a great deal since he was first introduced to the canvas, largely because of his involvement with Katie, but he still struggles with his emotional complexities,” the actor tells “A lot of that has to do with who he was before we even met him. We’ve seen his edges soften as he’s become a family man, but he has also worked hard not to lose himself.”

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To that end, the actor continues, “when you have something that has maybe made you incredibly successful in business, but that same something can be a detriment to your personal life, that creates a really fine line that you have to walk to be able to find that balance. When Bill has tried to apply his business ethics to his personal life, it hasn’t gone well. It’s made his familiar relationships very complicated and, at times, damaged.”

Katie, Bill car wedding 2009 Bold and Beautiful

Hard to believe they were ever so happy, isn’t it?

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That’s certainly been the case where his on-again/off-again marriage to Katie has been concerned. Yet despite their struggles, Diamont says that Bill knows “without a doubt that she is the single best thing that has ever happened to him. Unfortunately, he has a self-destructive personality and is always getting in his own way. He will tear down the best things that happen to him because, ultimately, he doesn’t consider himself worthy.

“That doesn’t mean he’s going to quit trying,” he quickly adds. “Bill will never give up on Katie. How can he? That would be like giving up on himself!”

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As Bill tries to figure out how to get his life back on track, why not hit the comments section with your thoughts on his future? Should Katie give her favorite ex another shot? Perhaps before weighing in on his future, you’d like to explore his past in the gallery below, which tracks Bill’s highs (and many lows) since arriving in Los Angeles.