Katrina Bowden's dog found bb
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Seventeen hours and three miles away, it was quite the emotional journey for the CBS soap actress and her pup.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katrina Bowden (Flo) is over the moon and relieved beyond relieved. Her precious little dog Puffin went missing over the holiday and she was beside herself with fear at the thought of him being out there all alone.

Bowden’s “almost 10-year-old” fur baby, which is the “epitome of [an] inside dog,” was so scared by the fireworks going on around them that he ran outside — and three miles away — when a door was left open for just a few minutes. “I’ve never been so terrified,” the actress admitted. “I thought I had lost him forever, but was trying to stay positive and knew I did everything I could do in the moment.”

For 17 long hours, 10 people scoured the streets for Puffin, and following the 100 flyers that were posted around the area, he was returned to Bowden by a man who had seen him running down the street. He “gave him food, water and a house to sleep in until he discovered who Puffin belonged to.”

Upon Puffin’s return, which fans can see in the video above just how ecstatic the daytime star was, the neighbor assured her that the pup was “totally fine” and “a really great dog!”

To close out her post, Bowden thanked everyone for the prayers, messages of love and for simply caring enough to help bring her baby back home — and we couldn’t be happier for her!

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