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“Don’t be fooled by her!”

When back in October Don Diamont shared that beloved family pooch Tessa had passed away a month earlier, we felt his pain. “I was too brokenhearted to post anything” at the time of her death he admitted on what would have been her 15th birthday.

But this week, Bold & Beautiful‘s Dollar Bill had happier news to share as he introduced the world to the newest member of the family, Èzey. He went on to explain that son Davis had suggested the name “since Cindy Ambuehl and I were married in beautiful Èze, France.”

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The smile on Diamont’s face spoke volumes, although he did have a word of warning regarding Èzey. “Now don’t be fooled by her Sheepadoodle appearance,” he advised. “She’s a killing machine! A highly-trained attack dog! A canine Green Beret! Men and beasts alike will cross to the other side of the street when they see her coming!”


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Sensing our skepticism — look at that adorable pup! — the actor relented. “Not buying it? Fine! Whatever! She’s pretty freaking cute though.” On that, we can definitely agree.

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The new arrival did not, however, erase the memories of her predecessor. “I still miss my Tessa,” Diamont admitted.

After trembling in faux fear — if only to appease Èzey’s proud papa — why not check out the gallery below in which we take a closer look at the legendary (if only in his own mind) life of Dollar Bill Spencer.