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Which woman’s portrait will be the next to hang in the Forrester mansion?

Brooke exposing Quinn and Carter’s affair in the middle of Eric’s vow renewal ceremony on Bold & Beautiful was the soapiest fun we’ve had in a long while — but it opened a few questions about what the fallout will be for everyone involved.

Some were answered, such as, “Will Quinn be fired from Forrester Creations?” and “Will Eric toss Quinn out on her tush?”. Others are still to come: Will Zoe leave town after learning the truth?” and “Will Quinn have to bunk with Carter in the loft?” Eric, predictably, kicked his wife to the curb after this latest betrayal, which was unsurprising considering he barely got over the last one, which was far less personal in nature. The other thing we know for certain is that Eric Forrester won’t be alone for long… so who will he take up with next? Well, it could be a battle of the blondes, folks.


Eric cried on Donna’s shoulder at the office when he was estranged from Quinn after she manipulated Ridge into marrying her best friend. She’s one of his favorite ex-wives, still carries a torch for her “Honey Bear” as she chronicled in detail to Katie as the doomed vow renewal was taking place, and is single and ready to mingle. Not only do Eric and Donna have fantastic chemistry along with their history (which featured in a very foreshadow-y way during Donna’s scenes with Katie), but most importantly, this Logan sister needs a storyline — she’s been “backburnered” and on baby-sitting duty far too long.

Donna, Eric reunite B&B

Will Donna comfort Eric after Quinn’s latest deception?

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Bold & Beautiful has made a point on several occasions of having Eric wax effusive about how fond he has become of Shauna. He recently let her know how much he missed having her around the estate, where she inexplicably stayed after her best friend, Quinn got the boot the last time. But therein lies the biggest obstacle to Shauna becoming the next Mrs. Forrester — it would be a huge betrayal to her lifelong bestie, Quinn. Does Shauna covet a life in the lap of luxury enough to cross the line with Eric? Perhaps she will be able to justify it due to Quinn’s behavior, or if her friend winds up in a relationship with Carter? It all remains to be seen.

Shauna, Eric B&B

Will fondness bloom into love for Shauna and Eric?

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Ridge and Brooke have been in smooth sailing mode for months now, even with the occasional wave due to her distrust of his son, Thomas, so she seems the least likely to take up again with her ex-husband, Eric. That said, Eric is the father of two of Brooke’s children and she very clearly has a soft spot for the senior Forrester, of whom she’s fiercely protective. Could his gratitude to Brooke for uncovering Quinn’s deception turn into a rekindling of old romantic feelings between the two? As we well know, nothing’s impossible on Bold & Beautiful, and things can turn on a dime. If Brooke were to decide her “destiny” was with Eric, that would free Ridge up… perhaps for Shauna, who still hasn’t been with anyone else since their ill-fated Vegas wedding.

What do you think the fallout will be from Quinn and Carter’s affair? What do you want to see happen? What do you think will actually happen? Share your thoughts in the comment section after looking back on photos of Eric and Brooke’s love story in the photo gallery below.

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