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Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Brooke’s got a whole lotta nerve, and it’s all on display this week!

There’s no denying the fact that Bold & Beautiful‘s Quinn cheated on Eric, the nicest guy on the show. There’s also no refuting the fact that Brooke has every reason to want to see Quinn punished for having pushed Shauna toward Ridge (although it’s worth noting nobody exactly forced him to fall for the Vegas transplant).

So why, even as we know Quinn’s about to be busted, do we want Brooke to stop being such a sanctimonious rhymes-with-witch?

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Obviously, a whole lot of people love Brooke (including us). But her behavior over the past few days has been both rude and hypocritical. Because — and this is vitally important to keep in mind — while we know that Quinn cheated on Eric, Brooke has no idea about the indiscretion. So for her to sit in the Forrester living room (which is, as Quinn pointed out, her home, no matter how much it galls Brooke) and trash-talk her nemesis is wildly inappropriate.

When the June 29th episode ended with Brooke throwing Quinn’s history in her face, we wanted nothing more than for the brunette to return the favor. After all, not only did Brooke cheat on Eric during their marriage, she did so with his son… and then had a baby whose paternity could have gone either way. (As if that’s not bad enough, the resulting child’s name, Bridget, is a constant reminder of the fact that while Eric turned out to be the pop, Brooke clearly hoped Ridge would win the biodad lottery!)

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Clearly, Quinn’s secret is going to come out in the most public and devastating way possible, and it will make for fantastic viewing. But we’re just as invested in what happens next because, unless we miss our mark, Wyatt’s mom is going to have a whole lot of anger directed Brooke’s way… and these two women battling one another makes for good soap opera!

So whose side are you on in the upcoming war, Bold & Beautiful fans? Clearly, Brooke’s got Eric’s best interest at heart, so why are we feeling as if we want to throw our support behind Quinn? Sound off in the comments section below, then remind yourself of the long, complicated history between Brooke and Eric with the photo gallery below.