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On July 2, 2002, the character declared her independence — from her mother’s womb, that is.

Even before she made her debut on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope Logan was destined to be surrounded by drama. How could she not be, what with being the product of a fling between scandal magnet Brooke and… Oh dear. Her son-in-law, Deacon Sharpe.

That wasn’t going to be a good look for anybody, much less the sexpot that archenemy Stephanie Forrester had infamously dubbed the slut from the Valley. (Got a hunch Deacon’s then-wife Bridget thought up a few choice nicknames for Mom, too, back in the day.)

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Mind you, Hope turned out to be everything that Brooke wasn’t. She was virtuous to the point of carrying unnecessary baggage and devoted well past the point where it made any sense for her to stand by Liam Spencer. (“You mistook a mannequin for me? Seriously?”) And to date, unlike Mama, Hope has never accidentally mistaken a randy masked man for her significant other and schtupped him at a party.

But again, that’s not to say that Hope’s life has been easy — or any less tumultuous than her entrance into this world was. As a matter of fact, if there’s one area in which she’s just like Brooke, it’s in that they both attract trouble the way Liam does indecision.

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