Brooke, Quinn, Zoe, Carter, Eric B&B
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Exposing Quinn’s scandal would be a “full circle” moment for her rival, Brooke.

As soon as Quinn mentioned a vow renewal ceremony a visual began to form in our minds. Eric and Quinn gazing into one another’s eyes as they stand beneath her portrait in, where else, the Forrester mansion living room, before a small group of family and friends. Ah yes, it’s the quintessential wedding scene on Bold & Beautiful, but in this case, it also happens to be a scene set for disaster as none other than Brooke will stumble onto Quinn’s scandalous secret. But that’s not the only reason this reveal could be the most delicious in a long while…

What are the odds of nuptials of any kind, especially of the Forrester variety, happening without Carter Walton officiating? Essentially nil. It’s practically a foregone conclusion that Eric will ask him to do the honors when he and Quinn re-up their commitment, which means that Carter will have more than a front row seat — nay, he’ll be positioned right beside his lover — should the secret of their betrayal be publicly revealed at the altar.

It’s also a no-brainer that Zoe will be there to experience the shock and humiliation firsthand (and presumably let them both have it), as Carter will obviously bring her as his guest and Quinn will certainly insist her new pal be in attendance. And, sorry Shauna, we can even imagine Quinn asking Zoe to be her maid of honor — partly out of guilt and partly as a means of keeping Paris quiet. This would truly set the scene!

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But will it be Paris who lets the cat out of the bag? Not likely when there’s a much more dramatic option in Brooke, who would get her “full circle” moment by exposing Quinn. After all, Quinn messed with her marriage to Ridge and she also revealed her kiss with Bill at a family gathering. Bold & Beautiful spoilers tease that Brooke will overhear Quinn threatening Paris, and if their conversation is remotely as detailed as the one Paris overheard between Quinn and Shauna, Brooke will have all the ammunition she needs when she calls a halt to the proceedings!

How do you think this will play out? Will Eric will fire Quinn and Carter from Forrester Creations in the aftermath? Let us know after taking a look back on photos of Eric and Brooke through the years in the gallery below.

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