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The lab tech’s final words may have revealed more than he intended.

We’re willing to bet that after Bold & Beautiful‘s Thomas pushed PLAY and found out the truth about  Vinny’s death, there wasn’t one person in the audience who shrugged and said, “Saw that coming a mile away.”

Don’t even lie.

Because while we all suspected that there had to be more to the story — how, exactly, did Vinny wind up in that particular spot at that particular time? — none of us could have predicted that he’d purposely thrown himself in front of the car being driven by Liam in order to clear a path for Thomas to be with Hope.

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In the aftermath of the shocking twist, we have more than a few questions… such as how Vinny was, as he said in that final video, “tracking” Liam. How could he possibly have known that Liam would be driving his dad’s car, or that the impact would be enough to kill as opposed to simply injure himself?

One question we think we can answer, however, is what drove Vinny to even consider going so far as to commit suicide in order to push Thomas and Hope together: love.

We’ve been told over the past year or two just how close the two young men were, but perhaps what Thomas never knew was that Vinny was, in fact, quietly, desperately, hopelessly in love with him. The kind of love that drives you to take desperate actions to see the other person happy… even if it means they’ll find that happiness with someone else.

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How many times did we hear Vinny say, “I love you, bro,” even in that final video. We’d assumed it was a platonic love, and perhaps Thomas assumed as much, too. But what if Vinny — he of the oft-mentioned, never seen girlfriend and small apartment he willingly shared with his rich-enough-to-buy-a-palace BFF — was secretly longing to be with the one person whom he knew could not return his feelings?

Vinny switched that paternity test to help his friend find happiness, yet it blew up in his face, costing the lab tech the most important relationship in his life. With everything spiraling out of control and nothing left to lose, his last action on this earth was to throw himself in front of a speeding car in order to guarantee Thomas would wind up with the woman of his dreams.

Perhaps it was, for Vinny, the closest he could ever come to making Thomas happy.

What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Was Vinny’s sacrifice that of a friend wanting to make things right or something more? Hit the comments section with your thoughts, then check out the gallery below in which we offer up some perfect beach reads that we suspect will have happier endings than the one met by Poor, Dead Vinny!