Carter, Quinn, Eric B&B
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The fallout from Quinn and Carter’s scandal may take viewers the very places they’ve been longing to go.

There’s a red-hot secret on the verge of coming out on Bold & Beautiful and the aftershocks of the revelation will not only affect numerous characters’ personal lives, but will rock Forrester Creations to boot!

With Paris weighing her options as to whether or not she should keep quiet about Quinn and Carter hooking up, and Carter suggesting to Quinn that they come clean, this dirty — but delicious — not-so-little secret is going to come out one way or another. When it does, not only will Eric and Quinn’s marriage be a casualty (we can’t imagine them staying together given how close they were to splitting over her last, much less grievous deception), but Carter and Zoe’s re-engagement will almost certainly be called off. In fact, it’s a safe guess that Zoe will leave Bold & Beautiful at that point.

The scandal will have repercussions in the workplace as well. While stranger things have been known to happen at Forrester Creations, like Felony Flo being welcomed into the marketing department after selling Hope’s baby and letting her believe it was dead for the better part of a year, frankly, it’s hard to imagine the dynamic moving forward if Quinn and Carter’s affair were to be exposed.

It’s tough to picture Eric working alongside Carter as he did the other day, knowing that his “loyal” COO slept with his wife. It’s also bound to be awkward for Ridge, who put so much trust in his colleague and friend, and we can only imagine what Brooke will have to say. Let’s be honest, Quinn is going to get the brunt of the blame, much as she did when she and Shauna schemed to get Ridge to the altar in Vegas, so she’s bound to be out on her behind — both at home and at work. If, as we suspect, Carter has developed feelings for her, he may quit FC in solidarity with his lady love, if he’s not dismissed as well.

While it sounds like the end of an era in some ways, for fans who have been starved for more Quinn and Carter (or “Quarter” as they are known), it could be a boon. After all, Quinn will need a place to live and Carter’s all alone in that loft (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

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As far as their careers go, could this finally be the impetus for a new company to start up to compete with Forrester Creations? We can only hope, as the days of competing fashion houses are much missed. Quinn and Carter would just need a designer and we can think of a few!

What do you think will happen when Quinn and Carter’s secret is exposed? Let us know after looking back on Quinn Fuller Forrester through the years in the photo gallery below.

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