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Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“I was just… um… taking her measurements,” Mrs. Forrester’s loverboy doesn’t seem to think to say.

The fit is about to hit the shan on The Bold and the Beautiful. In a new preview dropped by CBS on June 13, Quinn is down on her knees — yes, the formidable Quinn Forrester reduced to begging! — beseeching Paris to “please, keep this secret.”

But Zoe’s sister isn’t too keen on keeping her in the dark about what’s been going on between her significant other and Eric’s devoted wife. Zoe, argues Paris — apparently completely having forgotten not only the way that Zoe threw herself at Zende, Carter be damned, but fartgate — “deserves to know what her friend and her fiancé have been doing.”


Does she, though? And even Paris has to admit — eventually, right? — that Quinn seems genuinely remorseful for not being able to resist temptation when it’s poured into a package as eye-popping as Carter. (It’s not for nothing that Lawrence Saint-Victor is such a gold standard of hotness that even one of his co-stars aspires to achieve his level of hotness.)

“I hate lying to my husband,” Quinn cries to Paris, “but if he knew… !”

Oo, and the next thing we know, Eric is walking in to find his wife in the well-toned arms of her lover. “He was comforting me,” we can just imagine Quinn saying. “You know how much I hate Mondays.”

Mm-hmm. What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Watch the clip above, then riddle us this: Do you suspect that the cat is finally going to be let out of the bag? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which revisits not only this soap’s but all of the shows’ most explosive love triangles of all time.