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Flo and Wyatt could use a little shaking up! 

When The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Sally packed up her bags and relocated to Genoa City, we had high hopes. And for a while there, it looked as if maybe — in the inimitable style of Mary Richards— she was gonna make it after all.

But things haven’t really worked out so well for Sally since she moved to Wisconsin. She and Theo might have made a good scheme team, but that would have required that he (and portrayer Tyler Johnson) stick around. Then it looked as if perhaps Sally would give Summer a little competition for Kyle, but that devolved mostly into all three characters sneering at one another and behaving like children.

Next, Sally fell for Jack and — although we were slow to warm to the potential couple — it’s almost impossible not to root for any pairing involving the inestimable charms of Peter Bergman. Yet this story, too, fizzled, leaving both Sally and portrayer Courtney Hope adrift. While fans have definitely seen sparks fly between Sally and Nick — and even speculated she might join forces with Ashland to bring down the Abbott clan — the fiery redhead has been left simmering on the sidelines far too long.

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Which leaves us thinking that a return to her old stomping grounds might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Next week, Sally will be taking a meeting with her former employer when John McCook (Eric, Bold & Beautiful) crosses over to Young & Restless. Although it seems their chat will be part of Sally’s effort to land rival Summer a job far, far from Genoa City, perhaps Eric will be reminded of just how talented a designer Ms. Spectra really is.

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During their conversation, Sally might casually inquire about former beau Wyatt and learn that he and current squeeze Flo have not yet tied the knot. While long engagements might be all the rage on other soaps, a couple not dashing down the aisle (usually hastily set up in the Forrester living room) on Bold & Beautiful can mean only one thing: They’re waiting for a new storyline to come along.

Enter Sally!

Sure, things appear to be going swimmingly for Flo and Wyatt at the moment. But given that their respective moms are caught up in a scandal that’s about to blow sky-high, it’s not hard to imagine the young lovers’ relationship becoming collateral damage. Even were that not to be the case, Wyatt’s proven in the past that, like brother Liam, his heart can be a tad fickle. (Right, Katie?)

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Better still, should Sally return to Los Angeles — perhaps backed by an investor with deep pockets like those favored by Ashland Locke — she might finally manage to reboot Spectra Fashions and make it the true competitor Forrester Creations has needed for years.

What do you think? As fans of the sister soap, would you like to see Sally reclaim her rightful place in the Bold & Beautiful universe, where the Spectra name once meant something? Or should she remain on Young & Restless and carve out a niche for herself among Genoa City’s residents? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, but first visit the photo gallery below to remind yourself of Sally’s West Coast antics.