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Style guru Erica Pelosini Leeman continues to make waves at the fashion-forward soap.

Ever since The Bold and the Beautiful added to its stable of talents Erica Pelosini Leeman to help make its clothes calls, viewers have… Well, how else to put it? They’ve noticed. In a big way. Not necessarily in a good way, but hey, her efforts have not been overlooked.

Largely, the audience has been flummoxed to see characters they know and love suddenly dressed for the runway instead of the office or Il Giardino. Or, to play devil’s advocate, is this the way that designers and their kin should have always been outfitted? Would a Brooke or a Zoe be caught dead in something off the rack… or would they instead climb out on a limb by donning attire that turned heads even as it confounded them?

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Most recently, ensembles of Paris and Flo’s set viewers atwitter. “This don’t make any sense,” tweeted Rachelle. “What a mess! They both look like they are auditioning for clown school.”

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Roslyn couldn’t make heads or tails of what she was seeing. “Why is Flo in a romper for a toddler, and what is Paris wearing? It [looks] like something Blanche would force Dorothy to wear” on The Golden Girls.

Tracey hilariously called the styling “workplace harassment. The actors should know they don’t have to take this… 

“Reach out to HR,” she urged Diamond White and Katrina Bowden. “We support you.”

What do you think of the show’s avant-garde fashions? On your way to the comments, stop off at the photo gallery below. It pictorially recaps some of the show’s bolder and more beautiful wardrobe decisions of late.