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Never mind that the character was supposed to be Phoebe’s identical twin. On June 4, 2008, Ridge and Taylor’s other daughter became one of a kind courtesy of a future Daytime Emmy winner.

No one who has watched Jacqueline MacInnes Wood evolve from the new kid on the block to a leader among leading ladies really needs to be told, but let’s be real: She was always fated to be cast by The Bold and the Beautiful as Steffy Forrester, twin sister of ill-fated Phoebe and daughter of Liam/Steffy precursors Ridge and Taylor. After the actress moved from her native Canada to Los Angeles in the spring of 2008, the show “was my first audition,” she shared with We Love Soaps a year later. “I was so nervous. My hands were sweating, and my feet were sweating.”

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Yet ironically, landing the part was in the end, ahem, no sweat. In the years that have followed, sure, Wood has left to spread her wings. (We’re particularly enamored of her recording career; how “Girl You Knew” didn’t become a worldwide No. 1, we’ll never freaking understand — it’s that catchy… and witty, too. You can check out her music video for “After Hours” below. It’s equally awesome and glamtastic to boot.)

As time went by, the future Emmy winner transformed Steffy from a cookie-cutter supervixen to an independent whirlwind whose heart is as powerful as her mind — and her mind is particularly shrewd (well, maybe except when it comes to on-again/off-again love interest Liam). “Just seeing her growth and where she has come from is pretty incredible,” Wood told Soap Opera Digest in 2017. “She is coming into her own, and I feel like she’s a woman now. She’s strong, and she’s not afraid to show her strength. I like that.”

So do we all. So do we all! That being the case, join us, won’t you, in paying tribute to the MVP by perusing the below photo gallery of highlights of her epically romantic run as Steffy?

Video: YouTube/Chaz E. Foley