Ann's back. (

B&B Breakdown for the week of November 16!

While other things happened, the biggest events this week were Ann returning and Sandy and Whip’s connection.


I’m very intrigued by this character, especially since I don’t know where this story is going. I like that so far it’s not cliché, where Sandy is obsessed with Nick and wants Bridget out of the picture. After pulling her hand away from his and asking him to stand behind the curtain while she was implanted, it seems Sandy doesn’t want anything to do with Nick. It was interesting that she basically clung to Bridget during the procedure.

We also found out she and Whip are cousins, but she doesn’t want anyone to know. I have to say I’m a little disappointed they are related, as I was hoping for a romantic pairing between the two. I enjoyed the actors’ chemistry, as twisted as it was, on General Hospital and was hoping to have it explored further on B&B. Oh well, I can’t have everything.

One more point I’d like to make about Sandy is how great I think Sarah Brown is doing in the role. She was still playing Claudia on General Hospital when she started playing Sandy and the characters aired just one day apart from each other, but she managed to portray a completely different person in Sandy, with absolutely no trace of Claudia. Creating such different characters is tough enough for some actors, let alone when they overlap like that. Kudos!