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On May 5, the Daytime Emmy winner reported that she was “fully vaccinated today!”

The past year-plus has been hard on us all, for more reasons that we can even count. But high on the list, if not at its very peak, has to be not having been able to embrace our loved ones. So May 5 was a big, big day for The Bold and the Beautiful leading lady Heather Tom.

“Fully vaccinated today!” she excitedly shared with her Instagram followers. “So grateful for science!”

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Getting the shot isn’t painful, of course; it’s just a little prick. But “I bawled all the way through it,” admitted Katie’s portrayer. “For some reason, it was really emotional for me.”

Really, how could Tom not have been moved by the experience, considering what it meant that she would soon be able to do. “My mother is extremely high-risk; she’s been vaccinated for a while,” she explained, “but I can’t wait to give her a real hug!”

With that, she tagged her post “happy tears,” “vaccination done” and “vaccines save lives,” and urged those who think that they know better than science to go ahead and skip her comment section or simply unfollow her. “I really don’t need anyone raining on my parade,” she remarked, adding, “As my mother would say, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.'”

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