Shauna, Quinn, Eric secret B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Will Quinn come clean with Eric on Bold & Beautiful?

That sound you heard last week was the collective gasps (and perhaps cheering, jeering, and even applause) of Bold & Beautiful fans who were stunned to see Carter and Quinn give in to their attraction and hit the sheets — as well as the sofa, wall, and the floor in front of the fireplace.

The pair bonded (rather quickly we might add) after Quinn showed up on Carter’s doorstep in hopes of lobbying him to take Zoe back, and instead ended up commiserating about the lack of passion in their respective lives. Quinn got one or two eyefuls of Carter’s abs and pecs, the flirting fired up, and well, the rest is history. And now… the fallout from their night (and morning if we’re being honest) of passion must be dealt with.

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Reality hit when Zoe texted Quinn to see if she had “taken care of Carter for her,” (we suppose in a way, she did), which caused Quinn to snap out of pillow talk and into the realization that she’d cheated on her husband. It also dawned on Carter, perhaps the most unlikely candidate to ever be involved in something like this, that he had slept with his boss’ wife.

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What next? Well, naturally, they swore that it could never happen again (it did, right after the swearing), and that no one could ever find out. Except, according to the promo below, Quinn spills the beans to her bestie, Shauna. We don’t know if she gives her Carter’s name, but we do know that Eric walks in on the conversation! Will Quinn confess to her latest sin? Check out the preview to see how this hot new story will begin to play out…

What are your thoughts on Quinn and Carter hooking up behind Eric’s back? Give us your take in the comment section, but first, look back on crazy Quinn’s history on Bold & Beautiful before you go.

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