Liam distraught B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Liam is cracking under the pressure.

In the Bold & Beautiful preview for the week of April 26-30, Bill tries to keep Liam calm.  Read on for the details!

Ever since accidentally running down Vinny, and Bill covering up after his son fainted at the scene of the crime, to say Liam has been a total mess is not an exaggeration. From the second he came too and learned that Bill left Vinny for dead, and stole his wallet and cell phone, he’s wanted to come clean. Bill however warned him the cops may think he ran Vinny down on purpose for revenge considering the lab tech switched Steffy’s paternity results to make him look like her baby’s father.

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Liam’s tried to keep it together and has all but doing his best to avoid Hope and even his children. Hope is beginning to realize something is eating at him. With Liam set to move back in with Hope and the kids this week, he’s determined not to let Hope become suspicious of what he did. However, we think he needs to worry less about Hope and more about Thomas, who is out to make sure his friend’s killer pays. If Hope keeps confiding in Thomas about Liam’s issues, he may put the dots together!

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