zoe exit mashup bb
Credit: Rob Flate/Fox, CBS (2)

It’s not too late to give the sketchily-written model a happy ending — and make us glad that she got one.

We’ve made no bones about the fact that we’ve long been flummoxed by The Bold and the Beautiful and its handling of Zoe, who without much rhyme or reason went from Xander-obsessed crazy cat lady to Thomas’ patsy to a romantic heroine who behaved like she didn’t really give a hoot about the standup guy to whom she was engaged.

In short, consistency has not been her strong suit. Heck, she even lost her English accent!

But as Kiara Barnes finishes out her run as the mercurial model who instigated the Fartgate incident that will live in infamy, we still have hope that the soap can stick the landing. Let Zoe have that epiphany that she’s just too young and too wild to be tied down to Carter or any guy. Let her realize that she was acting in a manner that would embarrass a 12-year-old when she gave her sister indigestion on date night. Let her become a woman as exciting and self-actualized as her lovely portrayer.

If The Bold and the Beautiful were to do that, Zoe could leave Los Angeles for greener pastures — New York maybe — only to return as a recast a few months later with a whole new attitude, one that we as viewers could not only comprehend but get behind. She’d be catnip to both old flame Carter (even if he’s still hooking up with Quinn) and onetime manipulator Thomas. She’d be a true ally at last to sister Paris — and, as such, stunningly appealing to Zende.

Zoe 2.0 could be all of the things that the writing never allowed original-flavor Zoe to be: empowered, aspirational, relatable. What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Wouldn’t you like to see the character undergo as big a change as Barnes’ hair recently did before she ducks out of the spotlight? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which runs down all of the show’s major comings and goings.