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After readers shot down our idea for the lovers — in flames, we might add — we challenged you to do better. And wowza, did you ever.

By and large, those of you who read our story suggesting that Bold & Beautiful give Finn a maniacal mother and a twin brother were… let’s be charitable and say against it. But you were all for wild twists for the twosome, as evidenced by your comments under our article detailing your response.

“I have a wild theory,” wrote Mahoganym. “Maybe Finn is Shauna’s son given up at birth. Then that puts [her] right back under Ridge’s nose since they share a grandbaby.

Shauna pleads case B&B

“Let’s all just face it,” the post continued. “It’s going to be Sheila [who’s Finn’s mother] somehow. This will give Quinn a storyline,” too, given their past animosity.

Valedega liked our previous idea to reveal that Quinn is really Finn’s Mommie Dearest. “That would be just great because heads will roll! Poor Eric would be asking her, ‘What other secrets have you been keeping from me???’”

SoapBuff57 didn’t want to stop at just tying Finn to one character on the canvas by making Quinn his mother. This reader also theorized that James Warwick could be his uncle — and wanted Finn and Steffy to adopt a baby whose mother “turns out to be a troublemaker who got an A-plus in both scheming and manipulating.”

Nykarenb wanted to expand Finn’s family, too, albeit in a different way. “Let [him] be a good guy that makes Steffy deliriously happy [but] bring on a couple of siblings for some Finnegan family drama.” Our picks to play Finn’s brothers below: David Gregory (Ford, One Life to Live), Chad Brannon (ex-Zander, General Hospital) and Mike Manning (ex-Charlie, Days of Our Lives).

finn brothers mashup

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What Steffy and Finn’s story really needs, said Patricia Markus, is more Bill. “I would have [him] be Kelly’s father instead of Liam. Dollar Bill would be a lot to contend with if he found out he was Dad instead of Granddad.

“[Maybe] Steff’s doctor was so alarmed at her anxiety over who was the father,” she went on, “that she gave Steff false info to calm her down to keep her from going into labor. Fun idea!”

Agreed. “I can think of a bunch of stories that would bring drama into Finn and Steffy’s life together,” wrote 10CupsOCoffee. Among them: “Finn and Liam learning how to deal with each other once Steffy and Finn marry— more arguments and boundary-breaking will ensue. What if Liam has to see Kelly be fathered by Finn? He is in the house, and ‘Daddy Finn’ will be a natural role.

“How did Finn come to have a house in Malibu?” added the java lover. “Most MDs his age have big student-loan debt. Is he rich, or perhaps he was put through medical school by a wealthy older woman? Steffy finds out the dirt.” Our picks to play Finn’s sugar mama below: Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda, General Hospital), Cady McClain (ex-Jennifer, Days of Our Lives) and Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla, The Young and the Restless).

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This particular poster is so good at this [bleep], they put us to shame. “Finn treats a patient in his ER who he tries to help and gets a bit too close to,” 10CupsOCoffee went on. “She happens to look just like Steffy’s dead fraternal twin, Phoebe; MacKenzie Mauzy could return in the role. Steffy has an event trigger her PTSD from her kidnapping as a child. Morgan returns! And so does Taylor to help save her daughter. [Then there could be] family counseling to help the blended family get along… Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall to watch that mess!”

What do you think? Do any of these stories appeal to you? Or do you have a better idea? Drop it in a comment, and on your way, review our new and improved countdown of daytime’s best supercouples of all time.