Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The paternity-test tamperer’s untimely demise doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road for his portrayer.

Although The Bold and the Beautiful less often resurrects characters than other soaps, there remains a chance that Joe LoCicero could still have a future on the show. Vinny is really, most sincerely dead, but that’s not to say that he couldn’t continue to appear in new flashbacks… or have a heretofore-unknown twin brother.

“I do believe I’m done filming,” the actor tells Soap Opera Digest, “but it is a soap opera, so anything is possible.”

LoCicero so enjoyed his experience working at the show where wife Gina Rodriguez once played Beverly that he’d jump at the opportunity to return. “If there was ever a home for me, and a home for growth, it was The Bold and the Beautiful,” he said. “Of course I’d come back… if they asked me. I’d play anything.”

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If executive producer/headwriter Bradley Bell doesn’t decide to give LoCicero a new lease on life, so to speak, fans of the actor can still hold out hope that he’ll show up on The Young and the Restless (as a new Crimson Lights barista who vies with Jack for Sally?), General Hospital (as a Crimson writer who catches Maxie’s eye?) or Days of Our Lives (as the mechanic helping out at Jake’s since he’s gone corporate?).

“I love [The Bold and the Beautiful],” he concluded, “and if other soaps are like that, then I’d love to play on other daytime soaps, for sure.” Meanwhile, though Vinny appears to be really, most sincerely dead, we’re pretty sure there’s a huge twist about to unfold where what happened the night of his death is concerned…

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