Bill fatal flaw plan B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

We’ve been down this road before… and we know how it ends!

Given that it’s just dumb to cover up a death that was clearly an accident, we had to wonder what on earth Bill was thinking when he decided the best path forward was to make it into a crime. Even more insane? The entire plot hinges on one thing that is as unlikely as Lieutenant Baker giving up hot dogs…

Liam hadn’t been drinking, nor was he texting and driving, or distracted in any way (aside from some inane grinning) when he hit Vinny. It wasn’t like he saw Vinny appear and struck him because he was speeding or not paying attention and couldn’t react properly. We’d even go so far as to say Vinny must have already been laying in the road in the dark, possibly beaten up, when Liam ran over him. It was totally an accident.

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Curiously, Liam took the time before calling 911 to identify Vinny to Bill as the one who switched the paternity test. Bill’s mind jumped immediately to the conclusion that Liam would be pegged as a murderer and sent up the river for life. This was followed by a convenient swoon by hysterical Liam, and in the blink of an eye Bill’s decision was made.

Rather conveniently, Liam remained passed out whilst Bill lugged him back into the car, belted him in, carried out the business of grabbing Vinny’s wallet and phone, drove away, pulled over, got in and out of the car twice while he drove over Vinny’s phone to crush it, and then tossed it out into the valley. Liam regained consciousness just in time to be informed that Bill had ‘fixed’ it and no one was ever to know.

Amazingly, Bill’s entire plot hinges on the one thing that we’re 110% sure will never happen — Liam keeping his mouth shut.

The reason we’re so certain? We’ve been down this road before… more than once. Does anyone else recall the tortured days/weeks a sweaty, unkempt Liam spent holed up in a hotel room convinced he’d shot his own father? Having seen Bill propose to Steffy, he fell and hit his head on a rock, and then began reliving the supposed crime — shooting Bill — in flashbacks. Unable to stomach the guilt, Liam blurted out a confession to Hope almost as soon as he ‘realized’ what had happened. Of course, it turned out he wasn’t the guilty party at all, which will will likely be the case where Vinny’s concerned as well.

Liam guilt Hope B&B

We all know Liam will be eaten alive by the guilt. Come on, man!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Seriously though, what is Bill thinking? It was only recently that Liam’s conscience drove him to confess not only that he’d cheated on Hope with Steffy, but that he told her he loved her as well. If Bill doesn’t know by now that there is zero chance Liam will be able to keep this to himself, then he deserves whatever comes his way for this dunderheaded move.

How long do you think it will take before Liam cracks? Let us know in the comment section, but first check out photos of other dumb choices Liam has made in the gallery below.

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