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The suspense is killing us! 

Although you’d never really know it based on what unfolded during the episode of The Bold and the Beautiful which aired on Friday, April 2, the soap was actually setting in motion one character’s final moments. If, like us, you tuned in looking for some clue as to who’d be offed in the soap’s much-ballyhooed, about-to-unfold mystery… well, you probably walked away disappointed.

Sure, Liam begged Hope’s forgiveness and then pulled her into a kiss, and Quinn helped Zoe set in motion a childish revenge plot against Paris. (Why would Quinn do such a thing? That, my friends, is a question for another day… or at least later in this post.

So who actually wound up biting the bullet when push came to shove? We can now tell you that it was…

Well, that wouldn’t be any fun. Go ahead, and read the story below, written live as the events were unfolding. Then hit the comments to share your thoughts…

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Everybody ready? Here we go…

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We start with Liam totally lying to Hope, saying he didn’t expect that. Kissing her is all he’s been thinking about! Well, that and tofu…

Bill and Hope both agree Hope shouldn’t give Liam a free pass… even as they basically say that’s exactly what they want to see happen as long as it means Hope and Liam reunite.

Zoe pull out all stops B&B

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations… wait, really? A big episode like this and we’re making time for the Zoe-gives-Paris-a-tummy-ache story? Argh.

Apparently, Zende and Zoe’s entire relationship is going to consist of hanging out in his grandpa’s living room. “Let’s just enjoy ourselves, and see where the night takes us,” he says. But… yeah, they ain’t going anywhere.

liam murder mystery bbLiam says their home is “loud and crazy and chaotic”… wait, is he hanging out at the offices? I’ll give Bold & Beautiful credit… we’re 7 minutes in, and still no indication of who the heck is going to die. And remember, this is a show that usually telegraphs things not minutes but weeks in advance.

bill murder mystery bb

“You know that I am notoriously stubborn,” says Bill, reading directly from his character breakdown. He then says, “I also know that despite the terrible mistake Liam made, he loves Hope, and I’m convinced she is the only woman for him. And more importantly, so is he.” Wait, Bill thinks Liam is the only woman for Liam? Take another drink, dude!

Bill says he “will do anything” to protect Liam’s future. Now, we all know that spoilers said Bill would be involved in a cover-up, so it seems safe to assume that Liam’s going to be the one in need of help. Ohhh… and now we’re saying Vinny is out on bail. “I think I hate him,” admits Liam. And there we go. Say goodnight, Vinny. It’s looking as if your number is about to be up…

Vinny hot seat B&BI never really noticed before how short the commercial breaks are. No wonder this show goes down like bon bons!

More Quinn and Zoe… the best thing I can say about these scenes is that Zoe’s dress is downright adorable. Her attitude, however, trash-talking her sister? Not a good look. Meanwhile, Paris and Zende’s supposedly romantic date continues, but it’s mostly exposition, awkward staging… and am i crazy, or does Paris look like she’s freezing?

Paris asks if they’re in a relationship and Zende leans forward. Now they’re only about 10 feet apart, so… guess it’s love!

Liam offers to pick up lunch tomorrow and Hope says, “You’ve already done so much.” Yes, heaven forbid he do something to make up for the fact he cheated with Steffy (again).

Anvils are dropping left and right. Nothing can come between Hope and Liam! Protect them at all costs! (Just barely unspoken: Tragedy, directly ahead.)

quinn murder mystery bbLet’s take a moment during this commercial break to ponder why the heck Quinn is involved in this silly story. This is the same woman who pushed Deacon off a cliff and held Liam hostage. Surely there’s something more important they can do with her than playing second-fiddle to Zoe!

And now, the conclusion of our story… ready? Can they pull off some kind of shocking surprise and NOT make Vinny the dead guy?

Bill’s had a few drinks (he was drinking “the Dressmaker’s tequila”… my kinda guy), so he’s gonna let Liam drive. (We’ll call that Mistake No. 1)

Brooke asks how kissing Liam made Hope feel and based on Hope’s reaction, I’m gonna say “all tingly.”

I think it’s safe to say that the show majorly misspoke when they called what’s happening here a “murder mystery.”

Liam says he’s looking forward to the future for the first time in a long time. He literally says, “There’s not a thing in the world that could… ” and BOOM, he plows into someone.

And there we have it… last chance to avoid the spoiler as we reveal that the person who died today was…


Now technically, he was still alive as the episode came to an end. But we know Hope will be called to identify a body later this week (leaving us to wonder exactly why), and the teasers released by the show said “someone dies” with the teaser for Tuesday going on to say that lives would be changed forever by an “unexpected death.”

So much as I personally loved the guy, looks like Vinny’s time on this planet is up.

You know what to do… hit the comments with your thoughts, reactions, feelings and final words for poor, run-down Vinny! Then, join us for a look at all the recent comings and goings from Bold & Beautiful, including the drug-dealer-turned-lab-tech’s portrayer, Joe LoCicero. Want to read the actual recap of today’s episode? You can find that right here.