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When something seems too good to be true, it usually isn’t. Same goes for someone!

The Bold and the Beautiful fans rejoined when it appeared that Steffy had finally found the perfect man — and a doctor, no less. But is Finn really all that and a bag of chips? Or is Mr. Right hiding something even darker than, say, Sheila Carter’s soul?

Our interest was piqued, ironically, when the majorly-dreamy MD slipped on Steffy’s finger a ring that he said had been his mother’s. He’d had it for a while, he added, without making clear whether she was still among the living.

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Our suspicion: Finn’s mother is not only alive, he’s stashed her in a long-term-care facility in a hazy state of druggedness to keep anyone from finding out his shocking secret — that he murdered the twin brother of whom he’d always been jealous and taken his place, career and all.

If, as we predict, Liam finds himself unable to resist the temptation to investigate Kelly’s soon-to-be stepfather, he could discover what Finn has done and rush to stop the wedding with Mother Finnegan in tow. It would be a moment that’s even more dramatic than Brooke getting Ridge and Taylor pronounced husband and… horse?

brooke taylor horse

Brooke doesn’t horse around when it comes to keeping Ridge (then Ronn Moss) from marrying other women.

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Plus, the aftermath would be just as fascinating as the buildup. After “Finn” is busted, we could learn that the actual Finn is miraculously alive, if not well, thereby keeping popular Tanner Novlan on the canvas (and setting the stage for Steffy to fall for the real McCoy). And bighearted Eric would surely reach out to Mother Finnegan as she readjusts to life outside the institution.

You can see Quinn’s eyes turning green already, can’t you?

The role of the twins’ mother could be a doozy, too. At first, she could seem meek and mild, as sweet as can be, as the aftershocks of her traumatic experience begin to wear off. Then, however, we could find out that she’s just as warped as “Finn” and, in fact, the reason that he’s so demented in the first place!

mattson weiss tamargo

We could imagine Robin Mattson (briefly Sugar on Bold & Beautiful), Eva Tamargo (formerly Passions’ Pilar) or Roberta Weiss (once Santa Barbara‘s incendiary Flame) playing Finn’s mad, mad mom.

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What do you think? Can you imagine Bold & Beautiful making us see double? Or would you prefer the show stay the course and keep Finn exactly the good guy that he appears to be? Read what your fellow fans had to say here, then review Finn and Steffy’s whirlwind romance via the photo gallery below.