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With one fell swoop, the entire canvas would be turned upside-down.

We’ve discussed before how very little we know about Steffy’s newly-minted fiancé on The Bold and the Beautiful. And it’s fine for us to be kept in the dark, as it allows for some tantalizing possibilities (including the mother of ’em all).

But it’s another thing entirely for Kelly’s father to know as little about her soon-to-be stepfather as we do our mail carrier. So, even if he could resist the pull he seems to feel every so often to ex-wife Steffy, he’d still want the 411 on Finn. If the doctor were to be less than forthcoming, Liam might take a page from dad Bill’s playbook and hire a private eye to investigate Finn.

Liam wouldn’t be looking to make trouble, we hasten to add. Nor would he be looking to add to our countdown of his most boneheaded moves ever. He’d just want to know what kind of guy would be spending copious amounts of time with his firstborn. And what he’d find out would make his jaw drop. We’re thinking something along the lines of the mother Finn’s sorta led us to believe is deceased actually being locked up in a mental hospital — despite the fact that she’s as sane as all of you.

Maybe not you. You know who you are.

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“What? I’m so sane, I wear straitjackets because they create a flattering silhouette.”

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Mother Finnegan would know where all the bodies are buried — perhaps figuratively, perhaps literally. So her son stuck her somewhere that no one would believe her rantings. When Liam, in the interest of full disclosure, would tell Hope of his discovery — after he’d both begun and concluded his investigation — she’d simply sigh. Deeply.

“I hadn’t even gotten off the last merry-go-round,” she’d say with a sad smile, “and already, you’re holding out your hand to me, like you think I wanna get on the next one.

“No,” she’d continue. Hope would understand why Liam would be curious, even concerned, about Finn. And if Liam were another man and Steffy another woman, maybe that would be fine. Natural. Sensible.

But Liam and Steffy aren’t other people. No matter how much Hope might wish they were, no matter how much sometimes they might wish they were… they’d always be Liam and Steffy. And underneath everything they did, there would always be that lingering flicker of attraction.

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Hope wanted no part of it. “I’ll always love you,” she’d tell Liam. “And I’ll always want the best for you. But I want something even more than that.

“I want the best for me,” she’d add. “I want to show Beth that sometimes it’s OK to put yourself first. Sometimes you just have to. I have to. And I am.”

With that, except as a coparent, Hope would walk out of Liam’s life for good. Where would she go from there? How would Liam handle not having two women to ping-pong between? And how would he break it to Steffy that her Mr. Right may not be all right? We wouldn’t be able to wait to find out.

What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Could you imagine a scenario like this playing out? Would you like it to? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery to revisit highs and lows of Liam and Hope’s tortured romance.