Finn, Steffy paternity test results B&B
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What happens next for the couple will be crucial.

Over the years, The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Steffy has been called many things, whether by those who love or hate her. But the one word never uttered in conjunction with the character was “boring.” Whether she was marrying Liam while longtime rival Hope was trapped in a gondola or trying to seduce Bill away from Katie, Steffy’s kept things interesting.

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But last week, the soap wrapped up anything that could be considered even remotely intriguing about the Steffy/Finn storyline by rushing to reveal the truth about her baby’s paternity and having the real dad put a ring on her finger.

One of the basic rules of soaps is that when presented with a fork in the storyline road, writers will typically take the most dramatic option. Yet in this case — perhaps in order to facilitate Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s maternity leave — Steffy’s story was in essence wrapped up with nary a loose thread left dangling in the breeze.

Finn, Steffy ring on it B&B

And they lived happily ever after… the end?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Finn racing to prevent Steffy from leaving town, telling her the truth and then dropping to one knee and proposing felt like the final scenes of a Hallmark movie. One we’d watch, without doubt, but we wouldn’t necessarily be left wanting a sequel because… well, the story felt as if it had reached its conclusion, complete with swelling music and scenes shot on location with a drone.

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This pairing is in desperate need of something, anything, that will keep us invested. Fortunately, the answer to this particular dilemma is simple given that Finn is literally a blank slate about whom we know nothing. As he and Steffy begin making plans for their wedding (although how tough can that be… call Carter and move some furniture in her grandpa’s living room), it’s time for someone, anyone, from the groom’s past to put in an appearance.

Not only will the introduction of heretofore-unknown Finnegans help stir things up for the duo, but Bold and Beautiful is a show in desperate need of new blood. Who knows, maybe the Logan, Forrester and Spencer clans can finally start dating people other than their own former in-laws!

What drama would you like to see unfold next for Steffy and Finn? Or do you think we’re completely wrong and they should just be allowed to exist in a happiness bubble for a while? Sound off in the comment section, then check out our timeline of the pair’s brief-but-romantic history.