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Hope could be moving backward and not forward.

In the Bold & Beautiful preview for the week of March 28 – April 2, Hope is on the cusp of making a mistake that could see her not learning from her own past.

Viewers have found themselves stunned with Thomas’ actions as of late, and so have his family members. He’s shockingly turned back into a semi-decent guy and exposed his friend Vinny for switching the lab results leading Steffy, Liam, Finn and Hope to believe Steffy was pregnant with Liam’s child, again. And though the truth brought happiness to Finn and Steffy, Hope struggled with moving forward with Liam and asked for a separation.

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Of course Brooke, like Liam, still have their suspicions about Thomas’ motives. Don’t we all? Though he has admitted to still loving, and probably always will love Hope, he swears his obsession with her is a thing of the past, just like the Hope mannequin.  But is it? Or is he just playing a new kind of game hoping to reunite with Hope?

Brooke isn’t going to take any chances and pushes Liam to fight for Hope in the latest preview. Liam goes to Hope begging for another chance, and we’ve lost track of how many second chances he’s been given. Even though he pulls Hope into a passionate kiss, it’s probably best that Hope sticks to her guns and their separation. But at the same time, she really should stay away from Thomas too, because he may not be the hero he’s pretending to be.

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What are your thoughts? Should Hope forgive Liam, or do you think somehow she’ll find herself back in Thomas’ arms? Or maybe Hope should take a lesson from Steffy and just find herself someone altogether new that she doesn’t have a past with. Let us know in the comments!

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